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Group Finance Guidelines

Last Updated: Friday, 04 July 2014 10:16

The Guidelines have the following recommendations for taking care of group finance:

The group should appoint a Treasurer to collect the money and pay group bills, preferably someone who is 1+ years sober.

The treasurer should keep good, simple records (a cashbook), which should be open to inspection at all times.

The treasurer should count the pot money after the meeting with another responsible group member, and enter the amount immediately in the group cashbook.

The treasurer should pay all bills as they arise - tea, coffee, literature, rent. Pot money should not be used for social purposes such as dances, cakes, raffle prizes etc; a separate pot should be sent round if groups want to contribute to such activities. Payments should be made by cheque wherever practicable, and all receipts collected and stuck in the group cashbook.

Intergroup will always issue a receipt, which should be stuck into the cashbook with other receipts.

The treasurer should preferably keep group money in a group account, which should have at least 2 group members as signatories, as the statement would then provide an additional record of the group finances.

The treasurer should report to the group at least once a month regarding the group financial position, and should send any surplus money, after bills have been paid and a prudent reserve set aside (1 month’s running expenses), to Intergroup.

Contributions to Intergroup should be made via your group's GSR.