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What has Intergroup done with your money?

Last Updated: Friday, 04 July 2014 10:17

At Nottinghamshire/Leicester and Derbyshire Intergroups, we try to bring all the A.A. Groups together, to provide a service structure to carry the A.A. message to the still-suffering alcoholic more effectively, and to run services which directly benefit all groups in the area.

  • This year we have carried the message through PI work to hospitals, doctors, prison inmates and officers, schools and colleges and employment agencies.
  • We have taken out public liability insurance for ALL groups.
  • We have provided Where To Find cards to publicise our meetings alongside those in the neighbouring counties.
  • We have manned and financed the Telephone service so that the Helpline can show the suffering alcoholic the way to our meetings.
  • We have provided the link between our A.A. Groups and Region, and onwards through Region to the GSB and GSO in York.


Of course you can.

It would be nice to have more people come to Intergroup, more groups involved, more people to call on to talk to the agencies/bodies we have gone out to. You will be very welcome at our next meeting.

There is another way you can help, as well - it is essential that we get continuing financial support to do these things, and this is down to all groups making sure that they encourage members to provide MORE than the cost of the tea/coffee/rent in their pot contributions, and checking that the treasurer is not holding on to more than the prudent reserve (which is suggested as one month’s rent). If you have new members who arrived through the telephone helpline, or came because your meeting was on the list, remind them that others are still out there and need to be shown where we are. If you came in that way yourself, demonstrate some gratitude towards those who funded the services that helped you find us.

Both Intergroups need you to help now. PLEASE check your group’s funds and forward as much as you can spare.