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Prison Liaison Officer; Service Opportunity for DIG

Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 January 2021 13:14

Prison Liaison Officer: Service Opportunity for Derbyshire Intergroup

I will be leaving the country in the spring, therefore unable to continue on as PLO for Derbyshire Intergroup. At the moment, there are no AA visits into the prisons due to lockdown conditions. However, this would be an excellent time to consider learning more about this service opportunity while I am still in the country.

According to the AA Structure Handbook, the PLO should gather and collate all information about prison groups in their area, including open prisons and Young Offenders Institutions, and forward the information to their regions and to GSO. He/she should keep informed via their region and GSO on Home Office and Conference policy with regard to special subjects such as parole, the use of AA materials and to help prison sponsors with any problems which may arise in the area.
(Alcoholic Anonymous P. 89)

Intergroup officers should have an established period of sobriety, ideally not less that 2 years and have attended at least 3 intergroup meetings prior to the commencement of their appointment as PLO. Additionally, attendance at AA prison meetings requires vetting via a background check.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as PLO, working with our volunteers, coordinating the schedule for Foston Women’s Prison, and most importantly, carrying the message. If you feel you have interest in this position, please email me at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Christine R

Please see attached Beyond the Bars publication, as it has some ideas re: using the postal service to make contact and carry the message to our fellow members who are incarcerated .. Download Beyond the Bars